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Taking into account the preventive measures decreed by the NATIONAL, DEPARTMENTAL AND MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT, Decree 491 of 2020 issued by the President of the Republic and his ministers and Resolution 000666 of 2020, by means of which the general biosafety protocol for To mitigate, control and carry out the proper management of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, CURADURIA URBANA UNO DE FLORIDABLANCA , proceed to comply with these provisions, for which the provision of the service is activated in person only if it is not possible to resolve the situation at through electronic means:


Email: curaduriaunofloridablanca@gmail.com

Cellular customer service: 3022746949 Landlines: 6199954 - 6199956


Filing and billing : Sandra Milena Barón: 3163316867

Civil Engineer Carlos Arturo Ulloa Cuervo: 3176707027

Architect Viancy Yajaira Quintero: 3153554548;

Architect María Fernanda Saavedra: 3004857064

Systems Engineer Orlando Martínez: 3002090035

Legal Advisor Angélica María Maldonado: 3112478503

Accountant Daimara Montoya: 3213688731

HOURS OF PRESENTIAL AND VIRTUAL ATTENTION : Continuous day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The face-to-face care will be done by prior appointment arranged by WhatsApp, to the cell phone of attention to the users or to the landlines of this Curatorship.

The documents presented physically, must be protected in a plastic bag, which will be delivered at the reception and will have a quarantine of 5 days for distribution to the officials in charge of the study of the project.

If documents are submitted by electronic means , please ensure that they are in PDF format and the application number, address of the property subject to the license or other action be clearly indicated. All the documents that are gathered and contain signatures must be submitted by digital signature or mechanical autograph signature, which must be digitized or scanned, depending on the availability of said means. The holder of the license application or the attorney-in-fact who submits said documents will be responsible for the veracity of the signed documents, for which he must indicate the emails and / or telephones of those who sign said documents, in order to verify the veracity of the same.

Payments for fixed charge and variable charge, will be made in person at the opening hours to the public and / or savings account No. 0550046100717787 of Davivienda Bank on behalf of OSCAR JAVIER VANEGAS CARVAJAL, identity card No. 91290. 913.

Through email you can file PQRS,

We appreciate your understanding, remember your well-being is our priority.


Urban Curator 1 of Floridablanca


Resolution 0008 of May 20, 2020

For which the Curaduria Urbana uno de Floridablanca , resolves to activate the face-to-face service of actions related to the study, processing and issuance of urban planning licenses in any modality, recognition of existing buildings and other actions referred to in Decree 1077 of 2015

Approval of the ARL Sura Biosafety Protocol

Whereby the BIOSECURITY PROTOCOL for the Urban Curatorship 1 of Floridablanca is validated and approved by the ARL Sura

Approval of the Biosafety Protocol Secretariat of Infrastructure

Whereby the BIOSECURITY PROTOCOL for the Urban Curatorship 1 of Floridablanca is approved by the Secretariat of Infrastructure.

Resolution 0007 of April 15, 2020

For which the Curaduria Urbana uno de Floridablanca , resolves to resume terms of the administrative actions related to the study, processing and issuance of urban planning licenses in any modality, recognition of existing buildings and other actions referred to in Decree 1077 of 2015, and activate the provision of the virtual service

Procedimiento de radicación y trámite

En cumplimiento del Artículo del Decreto 1077 de 2015, La Curaduría encargada del repato de proyectos radicados para el año 2021 es la Curaduría Urbana 2 de Floridablanca  


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In accordance with Decree 1077 of May 26, 2015, the urban curator is an individual in charge of studying, processing and issuing licenses for subdivision, urbanization, construction and subdivision of properties, at the request of the interested party in carrying out projects of this nature. In this context, the urban curator exercises a public function to verify compliance with current urban planning and building regulations, through the granting of subdivision, urbanization, subdivision and construction licenses.

Curaduria 1 de floridablanca, servicios
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What do we do

The Curaduría Urbana 1 de Floridablanca, provides its users the following services:

Study, processing and issuance of urban licenses

  • Urbanization Licenses

    • Developing

    • Sanitation

    • Redevelopment

  • Parcel Licenses

  • Subdivision licenses

    • Rural subdivision

    • Urban subdivision

    • Chirping

  • Construction Licenses

    • New build

    • Extension

    • Adequacy

    • Modification

    • Restoration

    • Structural reinforcement

    • Demolition

    • Reconstruction

    • Enclosure

  • Recognition of the existence of buildings

  • Modification of current license

  • License extension

  • License revalidation

Other actions related to the issuance of licenses

Other actions related to the issuance of licenses are understood to be those related to the development of urban or architectural projects, which can be carried out independently or on the occasion of the issuance of a license, within which the following may be stated:

  • Adjusting the dimensions of areas.

  • Concept of urban regulation.

  • Land use concept.

  • Certified copy of plans.

  • Approval of the Horizontal Property Plans.

  • Authorization for the movement of lands.

  • Approval of swimming pools.

  • Modification of urban plans, legalization and other plans that approved developments or settlements.

  • Goods intended for public use or with a vocation for public use.

  • Independent review of structural designs by Urban Curators.



The Curaduría Urbana Primera de Floridablanca, is a private entity that fulfills public functions for the responsible application of urban regulations, providing the user with professional advice and support in the process of urban planning and construction licenses.


Offer effective urban management in light of the current legal norm to convert the proceedings of our users into literally agile works.

Our qualified team acts for the development of a modern and efficient Curatorship.


Reinvent the Curation service to make it a superior technical assistance experience.


Excellence: We intend to offer our services to the community seeking the perfection and quality that our users deserve their full satisfaction and gratitude.

Professionalism: Comply with the optimal performance of all our daily activities to fully satisfy the expectations of each of our users, is the source that inspires our vocation of service.

Responsibility: Our service optimizes time and our own resources and those of our users, since we assume with excellence, competence and suitability the fulfillment of all our commitments.

Transparency: All our events are open to socialization and verification by the community.

Responsible compliance in our human work, whatever it may be, would be governed by principles such as:

  1. Recognize and respond to your own concerns and those of others.

  2. Improve without limits the yields in time and the resources of the position that one has.

  3. Timely report of anomalies that are generated voluntarily or involuntarily.

  4. Plan in time and form the different actions that make up a general activity.

  5. Assume with excellence the consequences that omissions, works, expressions and feelings generate in the person, the environment, the lives of others and the resources assigned to the position conferred.

  6. Promote healthy principles and practices to produce, handle and use the tools and materials assigned to the position.

  7. Competence and suitability in the development of our commitments.

  8. Sense of duty in the fulfillment of the tasks assumed.

  9. Sensibility and maturity in decision-making and in the execution thereof.



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